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The Big D

The Big D

How do you incorporate nature when you're traveling?

I'm not always good at it, but on my recent trip to Dallas, TX I made it a priority with these three intentions. 

  1. Plan ahead...For me that meant packing my workout clothes and tennis shoes and letting my best friends know that I wanted to go on a hike with them. 
  2. But be flexible.  I left my tennis shoes back home. This could have killed my vibe, but I didn't let it. I borrowed my bestie's shoes (luckily we wear the same size) and hit the road, or trail as it were. When I got to the trail it started drizzling. Two years ago, I might have phoned it in, but not this time.
  3. Embrace where you are. I decided to not let myself down. I wanted, needed to run and so I showed up for myself. When I lived in Dallas, I was so focused on what it didn't have that I didn't appreciate what it did have and what it does have is the Katy Trail: a 3.5 mile urban trail that has become a highlight to the city. Instead of the hike or run I wanted, I was rewarded with reconnecting to a trail I left in 2012 and with proof that I can run in the rain-if I need to. I ran out some of the shenanigans of the night before and kicked off my personal new year with a quick 3.1!

If you're ever in Dallas and looking for nearby nature to go along with your world-class shopping experience, check out the Katy Trail or this list of other hikes in the North Texas area.