The Great Outchea

Laisser Les Bon Temps Rouler in New Orleans' Parks

"The greatest city in the world! The greatest city in the world!" -"Schuyler Sisters" Hamilton :An American Musical soundtrack.

The Schuyler sisters in Lin-Manuel Miranda's genre-shifting, wig-snatching musical were talking about New York City, I'm talking about New Orleans-"The Big Easy". New Orleans is my favorite city in the United States for a variety of reasons: the music, the food, the history, and also its green spaces. 

If you can tear yourself away from the French Quarter, there are plenty of green spaces for you to enjoy while enjoying the special mélange (mix) that is New Orleans.

On my most recent trip, I fell in love with the historic City Park which sits on 1,300 acres and is home to The New Orleans Museum of Art and Besthoff Sculpture Garden. This 5-acre sculpture garden is home to 64 works of art and is the perfect place to find a bit of solitude amongst Spanish moss trees while visiting New Orleans. Did I mention it's free? 

If you're visiting the city for Jazz Fest or any of the numerous other festivals that grace the city,  check out City Park and the rest of New Orleans' parks and recreational spaces. Trouvez ton parc en Nouvelle Orleans! Find your park in New Orleans!


Why are we "outchea*"?

Why "The Great Outchea"?

Because I like being in the great outdoors and I know a lot of people of color (and have met a lot more) who do as well.  I heard NPR's Code Switch second podcast episode about why minorities don't hike, camp, etc. while I was hiking and camping in Big Sur.

I live in the Bay Area where it seems like every weekend people are on the trail, at the beach, in the mountains, and off the grid including people of color. I created The Great Outchea to celebrate people of color and their friends who are exploring the great outdoors or 'the great outchea.'"

This blog-like this land-is made for you and me! I'll share how I've evolved into more of an outdoorsy person and invite my friends and friends I haven't met yet to share their stories. If you're interested in sharing your story,  send an email to and follow us on Instagram.

See you out and about.


*Outchea: out here