People of Color

Why are we "outchea*"?

Why "The Great Outchea"?

Because I like being in the great outdoors and I know a lot of people of color (and have met a lot more) who do as well.  I heard NPR's Code Switch second podcast episode about why minorities don't hike, camp, etc. while I was hiking and camping in Big Sur.

I live in the Bay Area where it seems like every weekend people are on the trail, at the beach, in the mountains, and off the grid including people of color. I created The Great Outchea to celebrate people of color and their friends who are exploring the great outdoors or 'the great outchea.'"

This blog-like this land-is made for you and me! I'll share how I've evolved into more of an outdoorsy person and invite my friends and friends I haven't met yet to share their stories. If you're interested in sharing your story,  send an email to and follow us on Instagram.

See you out and about.


*Outchea: out here